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The Blissful Benefits of Pregnancy Massage in Waterloo - Nurturing for Both Mother and Baby

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By Bethany Wynn

Pregnancy massage continues to increase in popularity with expectant mothers due to all the wonderful benefits it provides for not only the mother but their baby.

The body of an expectant mother has so many changes during pregnancy and massage can support those changes both physically and emotionally. This treatment is specifically tailored for the mother and baby to keep them comfortable and relaxed the whole treatment and beyond.

Emotional Benefits:

  • Increases Emotional connection with your baby

Being able to come and take that time out to relax and connect with your baby enhances that emotional connection between you both, supporting a deeper bond and quality time.

  • Reducing Anxiety and stress during pregnancy

The expectant mother’s body is changing so much throughout their pregnancy journey both physically and emotionally. This can lead to mothers feeling overwhelmed, stressed, or having anxiety. Regular massage therapy can support this by helping release endorphins and promoting relaxation. Pregnancy massage can also reduce anxiety and stress levels by focusing on breath work, relaxation and overall promoting your well-being during your pregnancy.

  • Having that Nurturing Environment

When booking a pregnancy massage with a qualified pregnancy massage practitioner feel free to ask any questions or concerns you may have. That way you go into the treatment calmly and having created that connection with your massage practitioner. Your practitioner will prioritise your comfort and well-being whilst also addressing the areas you wish to be focused on the most.

Physical benefits:

  • Relieves muscle aches, tension, and pain.

Due to the changes the body makes during pregnancy, aches and pains can arise throughout this time. With gentle massage techniques, we can relieve those tensions and provide ease to those problem areas such as the lower back, hips, and shoulders. This will promote pain reduction, alleviate muscle tension, and overall make you feel more comfortable.

  • Reduces swelling and fluid retention

During your pregnancy, you may experience swelling or fluid retention in the lower leg, feet, and hands. Pregnancy massage promotes better circulation which can overall reduce the swelling you may be experiencing and help towards better fluid balance. This has a wonderful benefit for your baby also as it increased their oxygen and nutrient supply too!

  • Improves your quality of sleep

Sleep can be an area in which expectant mothers may have problems around. Maybe you can’t find that comfortable position or you are waking up a lot during the night. Pregnancy massage promotes general relaxation and can help reduce any anxiety you may be experiencing which can help towards better quality sleep. Having better-quality sleep also can support the well-being of both the expectant mother and their baby


Overall, having a regular pregnancy massage has such wonderful emotional, mental and physical benefits and is something expectant mothers should consider during their pregnancy.

Note from the Author

As always I advise all my clients to check in with their healthcare provider to make sure a pregnancy massage would be suited to them before booking in and encourage expectant mothers to seek a qualified massage practitioner who specialises in pregnancy massage in Waterloo.

Bethany Wynn pregnancy massage waterloo
Bethany Wynn

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