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Bowen Technique

Advanced Bodywork

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May help with




Stiff joints

Aches & pains

Low mood

Low energy


Skin problem

Poor circulation

A Bowen treatment consists of sequences of small moves at varying pressures, each at a specific site on the body. The treatment is pleasant – therapists use light, cross-fibre manoeuvres of muscle, tendon or ligament with no forceful manipulation.

In Bowen Therapy, as well as the muscles, we work on the fascia. Fascia is an important, highly mobile, connective tissue, which runs throughout your body. It is via the fascia that we often address levels of tension and discomfort.

We purposefully move the fascia in a particular way to stimulate or relax muscle fibres.

Clients also tell us that they feel less stressed following a treatment, having taken time out of busy schedules to address their issues.

At our calm and relaxing Treatment rooms your practitioner will ask you about your medical history and discuss the reasons for your visit.  For certain conditions we may request approval from your GP before you receive any Bowen.

In your Bowen session you can either lie on a couch or, alternatively, be seated if this is more comfortable for you.

Bowen work is carried out directly on the skin or through light clothing, according to your preference; you will be covered appropriately

Your first session, which includes a consultation covering medical history and assessments, is likely to be 60-90 minutes. The amount of work done within a session will be determined by your condition. Fit and healthy clients will be able to receive more; those suffering with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Fatigue Syndrome may only receive a few moves each time as they build their resilience.


Initial Consultation

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45min E70

Initial Consultation

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