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Abdominal Detox Massage Treatment

Advanced Bodywork, Complementary Therapy

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May help with

Reproductive health



Low mood

Low energy

IBS irritable bowel syndrome

Chronic pain

Problem skin

Poor circulation

Abdominal Massage in London

This is a non invasive holistic treatment that combines abdominal massage, reflexology of the feet and acupressure points on the back to improve the function of the digestive system. It aims to increase metabolic function, ease discomfort, decrease bloating and improve the overall function of the digestive organs and their surrounding connective tissue or fascia.

The digestive system is susceptible to weakness. This can happen through stress, illness, or when not exercising enough and living a sedentary lifestyle. Some people experience irritable bowel syndrome and find an abdominal detox massage beneficial. Abdominal massage is a practice that helps to tone and strengthen the muscles located in your abdomen. This helps your digestive system tremendously. The abdominal massage helps when you’re trying to detoxify your body. So, it is strongly recommended that you perform an abdominal massage when you are on a colon cleansing program.

What to expect:

A typical first treatment is 60 minutes.  The first treatment includes an in depth consultation about your health and lifestyle. Think about what tiggers your abdominal discomfort and what makes it better. Follow up treatments generally can be 45 minutes or more depending on what the patient needs and or combination treatments also offered by the practitioner.

You may be asked to undress (most people keep their underwear on) while the massage therapist is out of the room, and lie down under a sheet on a padded massage table.

The therapist will focus on the stomach and lower back, using slow, deep tissue massage, reflexology and acupressure.

This treatment is offered by:


Initial Consultation

Time and Price


Tuesday, Wednesday

60 min E80

45min E70

Initial Consultation

Time and Price


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