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Ameet Bhakta

BSc. DipHE
Postural Alignment Specialist

Tuesday: 10:30-14:30
Saturday: 09:00-14:00

Ameet qualified as Postural Alignment Specialist from the Egoscue Institute in 2013. In his own words:

“I’ve found that most people want to improve their posture because they’re either in pain, they’re unhappy

with how they look, or they want to keep their bodies working well as they age - or sometimes all three!"

As a Postural Alignment Specialist, Ameet thinks that the biggest mistake people make when trying to improve their posture is believing that they have to learn how to sit, stand and walk correctly. They think it’s all about consciously trying to force their body into a better position. Ameet says that his clients are often surprised when he tells them that this is absolutely not what having good posture is about.

A much better approach is to improve the balance of our muscles from left to right, and from front to back, because it’s the balance of these muscles that determines our body's alignment.

Ameet gives his clients gentle posture correction exercises to do daily, which stretch and strengthen certain parts of the body and get his clients into better alignment without even having to think about it. His aim is to help his clients to end their current pain, feel more confident about the way they look, and reduce their risk of future pain and injuries.


BSc Biochemistry with Management - Imperial College London

Postural Alignment Specialist - Egoscue Institute

DipHE in Applied Health Studies - Anglia Ruskin University


Initial Consultation (50 mins) - £150

Follow-up Consultation (40 mins) - £105

Payments and booking via Health Through Posture website below.



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