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Clinical Pilates Classes

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Post Surgical 
Sports Rehabilitation
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Rheumatic Conditions

Pilates Class in London

Amanda Runs Physio-Led 12 week Clinical Pilates Classes at the Waterloo Body Station on a Wednesday night 7:10-8:10pm. This programme is suitable for all levels and is safely trained to teach pre-post natal Clinical Pilates. The studio is a calm quiet environment and the class is no more than 8 people to ensure everyone has close focus from Amanda.

What to expect:

You will initially be screened safe to start the class this includes taking a full medical history as well as walking through Pilates basics to align and connect to the appropriate muscles required. This programme is designed for anyone who wants to improve their sports performance, posture, imbalances, pain or injuries.

This treatment is offered by:


Initial Consultation

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Tuesday, Wednesday

60 min E80

45min E70

Initial Consultation

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