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Holistic Massage Therapy Services

Complementary Therapy

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May help with




Low mood

Low energy

Poor circulation

Boost immunity

Holistic therapy focuses on treating the whole person and follows the principle that the physical, mental and emotional bodies must all be in balance to work effectively.  Mental stress and negative emotion can often cause physical stress within the body just as physical ailments can be debilitating to the mind.  If natural balance is not restored, health problems may ensue. It is the perfect tool to assist in gently restoring harmony and balance in the body and giving a sense of wellbeing.

What to expect

Holistic massage uses Swedish techniques designed to ease muscular tension, improve circulation and release physical and emotional stress. A holistic massage will follow a routine of massaging the back of the legs, back, shoulders, neck, upper chest, arms, abdomen (optional) and front of legs (to mid thigh).It typically lasts between 30 and 90 minutes long.

This treatment is offered by:


Initial Consultation

Time and Price


Tuesday, Wednesday

60 min E80

45min E70

Initial Consultation

Time and Price


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