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Exercise Rehabilitation

Advanced Bodywork

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Exercise Rehab Services London

Exercise rehabilitation is an active therapy program, which helps to maintain the physiological (functional) and psychological balance in the body, Exercise rehab is a tool to assess and address weakness in the body which cause pain. This can be due to surgery, posture, overuse, or systematic conditions such as osteoarthritis.

We will work with the patient, issuing exercise sheets and homework, tracking and benchmarking progress using a number of available Apps.

What to expect:

A series of tests to assess the mobility of joints, overall strength via maximum strength tests, and assessing strength ratios in the actions of individual muscle groups.

A program of hypertrophic or metabolic training at the appropriate level using equipment such as therabands  to cause mechanical overloading, resulting in increased strength, and reduced pain.


This treatment is offered by:


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Tuesday, Wednesday

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Initial Consultation

Time and Price


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