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Ismael Salcedo

Alchemy of Touch Massage Specialist

Ismael Salcedo

Monday: 15:00-20:30

Greetings, my name is Ismael.

I offer beautiful transformational bodywork called Alchemy of Touch™. This is a combination of techniques that allows me to work on your physical and energetic body simultaneously.

It is an incredibly powerful, yet gentle and nurturing form of bodywork. I work intuitively and with great respect for each individual's process.

This allows the body to enter a deeper state of relaxation and helps to restore balance and harmony within. Each session is an opportunity to experience greater levels of well-being and self-care.


How did I become an Alchemy of Touch practitioner?


I was raised in a small traditional town in northern Spain where being a queer child wasn't easy.   I had to find ways to cope with the feeling of not belonging and the fear of being judged by the people around me. Caring for animals provided me with a sense of purpose and a way to express my love and compassion. It was a safe outlet for me to express myself and provided me with the motivation to pursue a career in veterinary medicine.

I moved to England very early on in my career, due to my inner sense of adventure and the need to experience something new. Here is where I started my yoga journey and I discovered the importance of a strong connection between the mind and the body. The truth is, although I had been passionately practicing yoga for years, I developed anxiety just before I enrolled in a teacher training program.

As much as I feared anxiety would take me to a dark place, it eventually led me on a journey of self-discovery that included not only traditional cognitive therapy but also energy healing, tantra, sound journeys, ecstatic dances, active meditation, etc. A short time later, I was able to take a sabbatical in Southeast Asia, where I trained in energy work and planted the seeds for my training in transformational bodywork. 


My love language is physical touch, which provides a powerful means of connecting with people and offers tremendous health benefits in the process. This, combined with my interest in bodywork as a means of transforming the mind, led to me completing my training with the Alchemy of Touch Academy in June 2022. This is a form of bodywork I am passionate about and would be delighted to share with you.



Alchemy of Touch Level 1 Training


Fully qualified and insured.



Individual sessions:

Alchemy of Touch full body session- 90 minutes - £110  ( £85 new incoming customers, applies only one time)

Holistic or Deep tissue- 60 minutes- £79

Belly-Hara massage- 45 minutes - £70



  • Zen&Zest bundle

3 sessions of 90 minutes of Alchemy of Touch™ - £285 (each session £95) / Valid for 6 months

  • Metamorphosis bundle

6 sessions of 90 minutes of Alchemy of Touch™ -  £510 (each session £85) / Valid for 1 year



Direct payment to the practitioner. (Payment Link, PayPal)

or Cash Gift Vouchers Available



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