Advanced Bodywork, Complementary Therapy

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helps with


reproductive health



low mood

low energy


chronic pain

problem skin

poor circulation

May help with





blood pressure

immune system




Alchemy Of Touch is a dynamic & poetic form of transformational bodywork developed by Tapesh Paradiso.

It is designed to elevate massage and bodywork to a new level by harmonizing both musculoskeletal and energetic techniques from many different Eastern and Western modalities including:

– Osho Rebalancing Massage

– Deep Tissue Massage

– Myofascial Chi-Release

– Fluid Touch (Alchemy of Touch Technique)

– Joint Mobilization (Trager Technique)

– Thai Yoga Stretches

– Digital Pressure Massage

– Holistic Massage

– Visceral Work

– Meditation

– Energy Work


This profound fusion facilitates the release of tension by focusing on the Myofascia in order to unwind physical imbalances and open subtle energetic channels – restoring the body and mind to a state of harmony and deep relaxation.


Unique to Alchemy of Touch is an innovative method ~ ‘Fluid Touch’. This technique uses wavelike movements, which allows energy to vibrate through the body improving fluidity and oxygen flow, dispersing sensation and giving the client what can only be described as a really “yummy” experience, even when combined with deep pressure that might otherwise be experienced as painful. This signature technique is what really sets Alchemy of Touch apart. the approach is to keep our receiver on the pleasure-pain border. from here depth may be reached through a non-violent approach. 


Alchemy Of Touch CBD Massage


CBD is nonintoxicating and displays a broad range of medicinal applications, including anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-anxiety, and analgesic (pain relief) properties. People with arthritis, broken bones, sports injuries, overworked muscles from working out, neurological disorders, and those who want to relax or relieve anxiety can benefit from

CBD oil treatments.

This treatment is offered by Renata 

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