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Debbie Johnson
Mindfulness Teacher, Acupuncture Practitioner, Massage Practitioner

Friday 15:00 to 20:30

Debbie Johnson is a Transformational Mindfulness teacher and coach specialising in life skills, including managing emotions, working with relationships, anxiety & trauma. Mindfulness can help us to get in touch with our innate confidence that often gets lost in the chaos and overwhelm of everyday life.
The aim is to engage with Mindfulness to help you process your thoughts, feelings and emotions without judgement, and to develop choices regarding how you respond, to yourself and to others.
Mindfulness is an incredibly powerful method of treating mental health issues because it teaches us to have a much greater emotional and psychological connection with ourselves – something that’s fundamental to healing effectively; both mentally and physically.
The explosion of mindfulness over recent years and the popularity of mindfulness therapy is hardly surprising especially now in these difficult times – the quality of focusing our awareness in the present moment allows us to acknowledge and accept our own emotions, thoughts, and sensations. Often this is described as ‘being present’ – and it’s an essential skill to help us work with the uncertainties of life.

I have 25 years of experience in Mindfulness training and in that time, I’ve achieved high levels of success working with clients across a wide range of issues and disciplines that include mindful parenting and corporate mindfulness. I also coach one to one in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT). 
In my coaching sessions, I draw on my many years of practice, research and study and more than a decade of teaching MBSR / MBCT in groups to deliver mindfulness techniques in a unique, grounded and accessible way so as to be able to integrate easily into everyday interactions and make a real difference.

I offer one-off mindfulness sessions and short courses for workplaces, schools and organisations, beginners and established graduate practitioners, as well as courses in Mindful Relationships, Mindful Parenting, Mindfulness One to One Coaching, and Mindfulness for teachers and staff in schools.

I will create a supportive environment in which you can learn lifelong skills to reduce stress and anxiety and learn to enjoy your life again to the full, no matter how difficult the circumstances seem to be; it's not what happens but how we think about what happens that makes a significant difference in our lives.


Mindfulness M.A.
Acupuncture TCM
Moxa and Cupping 

ITEC level 3 – Holistic massage
ITEC level 3 – Indian Head massage
Natural facelift - rejuvenation facial

Acupuncture for facial rejuvenation


B.A.M.B.A. (Member of the British Association for Mindfulness-Based Approaches)

M.B.Ac.C (Member of the British Acupuncture Council)


By BACs, Cash and Card



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