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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Thinking Man

May help with

Mental balance

Balance emotions

Decreases stress

Reduces pain

Mindfulness is an incredibly powerful method of treating mental health issues because it teaches us to have a much greater emotional and psychological connection with ourselves – something that’s absolutely fundamental to healing effectively both mentally and physically.

So, the explosion over recent years in the popularity of mindfulness therapy is hardly surprising – the power of focusing our awareness on the present moment allows us to acknowledge and accept our own feelings, thoughts, and sensations. Often this is described as ‘being present’ – and it’s essential for any healing to start.

The practitioner draws on many years of practice, research and study to deliver mindfulness healing techniques in a unique and intuitive way.

One-off mindfulness sessions and shorter courses for workplaces, schools and organisations, beginners and established practitioners, as well as courses in:

  • Mindful Relationships

  • Mindful Parenting

  • Mindfulness One to One Coaching

  • Supervision for mindfulness teachers


It is essential that you experience Mindfulness in a supportive environment in which you can learn lifelong skills to reduce stress and anxiety and enjoy your life to the full.

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