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Advanced Bodywork

May help with

neck & back pain

strains, sprains & injuries
spasms & cramp
frozen shoulder 
rotator cuff injuries

tennis/golfer's elbow

rsi & carpal tunnel syndrome
hip & sciatic pain
knee pain
plantar fasciitis
flexibility & posture
arthritis & stiff joints
chronic fatigue

Don't let the name fool you; this treatment is not just for the sports person. It's for anyone who needs a bit more help from their massage, including people with occupational, emotional and postural stress, which may produce many similar characteristics to sports injuries (Sore neck and shoulders, anyone?). It is safe for all ages, fitness

levels and walks of life.


Training to become a Sports, Clinical, Remedial or Therapeutic massage therapist takes years of study in Anatomy

& Physiology, as well as multiple case studies, assessed clinical hours, dissertations and rigorous exams.  Your sports massage therapist is required to take Continued Professional Development courses throughout their career, and will be trained in a wide variety of techniques.


A Sports Massage treatment usually includes aspects of deep tissue massage, particularly to calm the muscles

and the mind.  It can then incorporate Myofascial Release, NeuroMuscular Therapy, Assisted Stretching, friction and Trigger Point Release. If necessary, the therapist can advise on home care practices to increase the benefits

of the treatment.


What to expect:

A typical treatment is 45 to 90 minutes long.  


The first treatment takes a minimum of 60 minutes and includes an in depth consultation about the presenting issue, and possibly assessment tests.


You may be asked to undress (keep underwear on) while the massage therapist is out of the room, and lie down under a sheet on a padded massage table, or you may stay partially dressed, depending on the appropriate treatment plan. 


Sports massage is deeper and more intense than Holistic Massage, but it shouldn't hurt. It is very important to communicate during these treatments about where your personal comfort levels are, and your pressure preferences.  These treatments are a collaboration between you and the therapist to get your body into it's optimum pain and stress free state.

This treatment is offered by CherylJamesHernan, Matt

30 mins £45, 45 mins £55, 60 mins £65, 90 mins £95, 120 mins £120 - Book with Cheryl

45 mins £69, 60 mins £79, 90 mins £104 - Book with Hernan

Advised Initial session - 70-80 mins - £95, 45 mins - £60, 1 hour - £80 - Book with James

45 mins £69, 60 mins £79, 90 mins £104 - Book with Matt

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