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How to prepare for a massage

This post will help you determine if you can get a massage anywhere, anytime and how to prepare for it.

First of all, if you know yourself to be healthy, you are good to have a massage but read

bellow just in case you will need this info in the future or for a friend or family member.

You may ask yourself: why do i need to know this for just a massage? Is just a massage.

Some therapies can help while others may be harmful depending on your conditions.

1 All information about you and your health is confidential.

2 You must tell your practitioner any condition you suffer from because this will help determine what type of treatment is right for you and you may continue if you have a doctor approval written in a document addressed to massage if you have a serious condition.

3 What type of massage require approval if you have a health condition?

Most types of massages but will say the most known: relaxing massage, deep tissue, sport massage.

Also the practitioner may refer you other therapies in case you are not eligible for any treatment.

Your practitioner have the mission to make you feel good, not the other way around or to cause you any injuries and because of this he will let you know what is best for you.

4 There are health conditions when you may put yourself and others in danger:

When do you put yourself in danger ?

If you suffer from any: fever, feeling unwell, coughs, circulatory conditions, respiratory conditions, bone conditions, old fractures, articular conditions, blood conditions, skin conditions(including sun burns, irritations), muscle conditions.

When do you put others in danger?

When you suffer from any: respiratory viral conditions(SARS,SARS COV2, FLU), skin infectious conditions(zits, acne, etc).

5 When you have any condition that you know it gives you mood swings, ask your doctor before. Also if you take any medication, write it in the form as this may be because you suffer from a condition.

6 Example: You are man, 45 years old and had a car accident, resulting in your collar bone fracture and shoulder pain.

You must tell your practitioner how long ago happened, how good it healed, do you still have pain when you are passive or active; what is your range of motion and strength with that arm to see if the treatment you get will help you and to be able to chose you a treatment fit for your need.

In general fractures older than 6 months are healed.

7 Must tell your practitioner any allergies you have to oils, creams, body lotions, essential oils as this will be used in the treatment.

8 You must remove any jewellery/clock to feel comfortable all time and avoid getting them soaked in oil or cream.

9 The code of practice allow teenagers to have a massage ? Yes:

Any age up to 18 with a parent or tutor;

Between 18-25 with a document that can prove your age in case you look younger than 18.

There is no limit in age to receive a massage.

From country to country, some allows practitioners to treat pregnant women, others require the practitioner to have additional qualifications. This includes UK.

10 Your hygiene must be good as the practitioners may refuse you for this reason.

You may think is good to have a massage after work. Yes, but you may also consider that you may need a shower that day or before massage if you can, otherwise would be good to apologies.

Washing your hands before massage, will keep everyone safe as this time with pandemic will reduce risks, and help us get back to normal.

11 Talk with your practitioner before, during and after the massage:

Saying your expectations from the massage(focus points, avoiding parts or anything else);

Tell your practitioner if you feel dis-comfortable sensations at your head and it may give you a towel or cushion for your head or any other dis-comfort you may feel;

During the massage say what you like most and where you need more work, is your body and you can chose the power level, intensity and length of treatment for each part of your body;

After massage, tell your practitioner what you liked most and what liked less (will help the practitioner and you for the next sessions).

Overall, will help both, the practitioner and you feel okay and enjoy the day.

12 Do not eat before massage:

One hour before massage is good to not eat or drink much or nothing at all as this may result in you wanting to use toilet during the massage or feel discomfort in your stomach and will make you not enjoy the time.

13 Before you lay on the massage bed, get your clothes off, including the socks. Your underwear, can be kept on as this will make everyone feel comfortable. If you want to get everything off, keep yourself covered all the time. The practitioner has the obligation to keep your privacy keeping you covered and protect you against cold. The massage will be performed on your neck, back, arms, hands, hips, legs, feet (tell your practitioner if you are tingling), bely, head. Some parts will be massaged more or less depending of your needs and wants.

14 Before you go in the clinic, make sure you have enough time to be there 10 minutes early.

You may ask why ? Is my time and I decide what to do:

Well, Because practitioner must consult with you about your health and/or expectations and to allow you time to undress and make yourself comfortable.

If you arrive later than the time, your booking will end at the same time as if you arrived at the correct hour. This is because the treatments are made in advanced in certain hours and after that, there can be other customer booked in the next hour.

Do not take anyone with you during the massage because there may not be a place where they can wait for you or simply, there is not allowed more than one person close to the practitioner during the pandemic (excepting the persons who needs a carer).

15 After massage the practitioner will give you aftercare tips, this will show you, you are looked after and taking some time to talk with your practitioner about the treatment and aftercare tips, will make everyone feel good.

Written by Adrian R. D. (Massage Practitioner from 2018)

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