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How many reflexology treatments will I need?

When would someone only need one reflexology treatment?

One-off reflexology treatments can be helpful for general relaxation and stress reduction, working directly on the nervous system. If you have an exam or a job interview coming up that you feel particularly nervous about, a treatment a day before the event can help you to feel more calm and clear headed on the day. Similarly a one-off treatment can help if you are finding it difficult to relax after a particularly stressful event. Reflexology is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and so a one-off treatment would be beneficial to most of us, especially in this fast paced modern society we're living in!

When would a course of 6 treatments be needed?

If someone has a specific health condition or problem that has been present and developing over many years, such as a digestive disorder, sleep problem, or hormonal imbalance, it is not realistic to expect that one reflexology treatment will solve the problem. Most people start to notice improvements of their symptoms after 3-6 weekly treatments, which is why I recommend clients who are wanting to address a specific health issue to book a course of 6 treatments, and come weekly for at least the first 4 weeks in order to clearly notice any improvements and progress. Treatments may then be reduced to fortnightly. Some will need one course of 6 treatments and some will need more, this depends on how chronic the health condition is.

After completing a course of treatments for any specific condition, many clients find it helpful to continue with treatments on a regular but less frequent basis (often monthly), in order to maintain a state of good health and well-being.

When would someone need regular ongoing treatments?

When using Reflexology to relieve the pain and stress of conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis or cancer, reflexology treatments would need to be regular and ongoing (perhaps weekly or fortnightly) to keep the pain and symptoms at bay.

When might someone need more than one reflexology treatment in a week?

There are not many circumstances where I would recommend a client have more than one reflexology treatment in a week. It can sometimes take up to 3 or 4 days for treatment reactions to show and I feel it's usually better to give the body time to adjust and balance fully before the next treatment. Some acute conditions though, such as a sprain, strain or injury from an accident, in a client who is otherwise fit and healthy or has recently been having regular treatments, could benefit from two or even more treatments in the space of a week. Likewise, a client in the last weeks of pregnancy (37wks+) who has been having regular treatments, may benefit two or more treatments a week at this stage to help relieve those late pregnancy aches and pains and to relax and prepare the mind and body for labour. Clients with severe PMS could also benefit from twice weekly treatments. Each individual case needs to be looked at carefully before this decision is made, as treatments in close succession may increase the risk of unwanted healing reactions.

I hope this answers the question of how many reflexology treatments you may need. Do contact me with any other questions, or see my website for more information about reflexology.

Elly Partridge Reflexologist at Waterloo Body Station

Elly Partridge, M.I.F.R. Reflexologist

phone: 07940950585

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