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Advanced Bodywork, Complementary Therapy, TCM


helps with


reproductive health



low mood

low energy


chronic pain

problem skin

poor circulation

May help with





low mood

low energy

aches & pains



digestive harmony

hormonal balance

Shiatsu literally means finger pressure in Japanese. It is a Japanese massage technique that was developed from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shiatsu works with the same meridians and points that are used in Acupuncture so it can help with some of the same conditions that people would see an acupuncturist for.

Shiatsu can be a profoundly relaxing treatment, it consists of a variety of presses, holds and stretches that encourage the body to gently release and rebalance itself. The pressure varies between light and deep, responding to the needs of the receiver. Each treatment is individual and designed for you.

Shiatsu is a holistic treatment: it treats the whole person. The process is centred around encouraging balance in the body and mind through inter-connected bio-energetic pathways which are believed to affect all the body systems.


What to expect:

A typical treatment is 60 minutes long and begins with a consultation about your health and lifestyle.

The treatment may be performed on a massage table or on a futon on the floor.

You should wear loose or comfortable clothing. 

Pressure is considerately applied to specific points with palms, thumbs elbows, knees, and feet as part of a series of holding and stretching.  This form of massage also incorporates rotating and stretching limbs and joints. As Shiatsu works on the parasympathetic nervous system it is profoundly relaxing and you may need to take 10 minutes to gently arrive back to physical reality after this treatment.


Shiatsu: Stress Buster

RECOMMENDED: 30 mins whenever needed


Shiatsu: Head & Neck

RECOMMENDED: 30 mins whenever needed


Shiatsu: To keep life in balance

A general health & well-being top. Smooth over life’s bumps & maintain optimal physical equilibrium. 

RECOMMENDED: 60 mins initially then 60 min monthly


Therapeutic Shiatsu: To work with specific conditions

An opportunity to design a treatment plan specifically for you and your lifestyle.

RECOMMENDED: 90 mins initial consultation then blocks of 3-6 bi-weekly 60-90 min treatments.


Emergency Shiatsu.

First aid for migraines, backs, frozen necks, sciatica, cramps, insomnia, cystitis, panic attacks etc

RECOMMENDED: 60-90  mins.


Fertility Shiatsu (men and women)

Harmonise your body and mind and balance hormones to aid fertility.

RECOMMENDED: 90 mins initial consultation then blocks of 3-6 bi-weekly 60 min treatments.


Pregnancy & Post-natal Shiatsu

It is safe to receive Shiatsu whilst pregnant and throughout the female cycles. 

Good for: Post-natal blues and aid healing in the Hara, post cesarean, back pain post- epidural, aid lactation.

RECOMMENDED: 60 mins inintial consultation then blocks of 3-6 bi-weekly 60 min treatments.


Shiatsu for under 16’s

It is safe and nice to receive Shiatsu age 0-16

Treatment length will vary dependant on age & condition.  

There are legal requirements. Louise has a current DBS check.

RECOMMENDED: contact Louise directly. 

This treatment is not currently offered 

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