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Pregnancy Massage w/ Bethany 45

  • 45 minutes
  • 52.50 British pounds

Service Description

In pregnancy many women experience feelings of excitement and anxiousness so they find that being massaged by an expert helps to relieve muscular tension and provides reassurance and support. There are fewer choices for pain relief during pregnancy and women start to feel strain in their joints, ligaments, back and legs as their body changes and baby grows. The treatment is effective and enjoyable at ANY STAGE (even in first trimester) during pregnancy but is particularly beneficial during the third trimester when many issues such as painful hips, heavy limbs, oedema (fluid retention), leg cramps, lower back pain and anxiety about the birth can develop. Massage Treatment helps to alleviate many uncomfortable symptoms. Provide that essential time out for the mother which guides the birth at an emotional and physical level.

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