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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Tai Chi Class

May help with


improves posture

improves flexibility

increased balance

loosens muscles

balances emotions

decreases stress

reduces pain

Qi gong is a system of body and mind cultivation developed in China, with roots going back thousands of years. It works by mobilising, engaging and connecting the different systems of the body-mind, from bones and muscles, through soft tissues and energetics, to awareness and intention. As a

Cultivate health, fitness & inner balance 
Qi Gong regular practice Andrea is a dedicated practitioner of Qi Gong, TaiChi and Daoist Meditation. He has over 25 years’ experience

These classes focus on the foundation of the practice uses accessible sequences of simple movements to explore and refine principles of posture, movement, breathing and awareness. All welcome, beginners to experienced practitioners, no limits of fitness, flexibility or age.

it helps improve health, fitness and inner balance

In body and mind practices and has taught in Italy, France and the UK. He is an affiliated Lotus Nei Gong instructor and continues developing his practice with internationally established teacher Damo Mitchell. 

Drop-in £12 per class, block booking £40 for 4 classes.


To Book message Andrea 07919 488427

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