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Jane visits her orthopaedic practitioner from Everybody Health.

Orthopaedic massage of the hip
Jane hip pain massage

After that fall six weeks ago, Jane still felt the pain in her hip. She was initially a little bruised from landing on her left buttock when she tripped on the the paving block that was slightly raised outside her home. She was in a rush trying to get to her pilates lesson one evening after work. After two weeks the swelling and bruising had but almost gone and a month later she could now bare her full body weight with still

a small amount of pain. Six weeks later she was still waking up with some pain feeling like her healing had plateaued and that discomfort in her groin and hip was still there. Her worry was that she had done something that resembled longterm damage that could get worse. She had googled the pain and immediately shut her lap top as the list of ailments showing were beginning to scare her. She wanted to know what it was that was causing her to keep waking up in pain.

Jane booked herself in to see an Orthopaedic massage expert practitioner as they have great reviews and seem approachable and friendly.

Firstly at her Orthopaedic massage Jane got an assessment to discover what was causing her aching hip. The orthopaedic massage practitioner tested her muscles, tendons and ligaments with a series of movements either done by her or the practitioner. The likely cause was established and a treatment for the pain began.

An injury or dysfunction affecting the body’s ability to move can be solved the majority of the time by an Orthopaedic Massage practitioner using their clinical knowledge in combination with an expert touch skills.

Jane's treatment involved a few advanced massage techniques including some Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point work and some Sports Massage. All of these techniques were applied without causing Jane pain but accuracy and effectiveness were more important. Jane's pain started to decrease during the treatment and was 85% less by the end of the treatment. Jane described it as effective yet relaxing.

The practitioner also gave Jane a few strengthening movements that would help prevent the pain from returning. They worked through each of the movements together so that Jane was confident to do them by herself at home, at the gym or even at work, something that she was able to do that would seamlessly integrate into her day to day activities. This meant it felt easy to do the rehabilitation.

Jane returned for a second visit a week later and her practitioner was re-assessed. Pleased with her progress she was happy to have another treatment which was even more relaxing now that she knew what to expect.

Matt Fennemore and Hernan Valdivia are both Orthopaedic Massage experts that work at Waterloo Body Station. They are available Tuesday to Saturday. If you wish to read more about them check out their website at or click here to book your next treatment.

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