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Natalie Heng

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapist

Advanced Clinical Massage

Lower Back Pain cert.

Neck and shoulder cert.

Hip and Pelvis cert.

Orthopaedic Tests cert.

Natalie Heng is a clinical massage therapist with an interest in science and a passion for bodywork. She has a B.Sc. in biology and spent almost a decade in journalism writing about the environment, science and the arts before transitioning into manual therapy. 


She now specialises in helping get clients out of chronic pain, having received her training at the Jing Institute in Brighton, where she is currently continuing her professional development by pursuing a three year diploma in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage.  


Her treatments aim to deliver the best of both worlds. She works with clients to understand their issues, taking a strategic approach that is both targeted and effective, as well as deeply relaxing. 


To achieve the best results she uses a combination of techniques and styles - including deep tissue, trigger point work, shiatsu, myofascial release and advanced stretches - to get her clients moving, feeling and living better.


Contrary to the adage of ‘no pain, no gain’ Natalie is a firm believer that clients do not have to suffer to obtain results. She prides herself in treatments that ride the sweet spot between ‘too much’ and ‘too little’, combining clinical knowledge with empathetic human touch, and taking into account the biopsychosocial aspects of chronic pain to treat clients in a manner that is both evidence-based and holistic.


All her treatment sessions provide a safe space for for client feedback, as she believes in the importance of making sure her clients walk out the door comfortable and happy enough to enjoy that euphoric feeling that comes with the end of a good treatment session. 



Advanced Clinical Massage for Low Back Pain (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training)

Advanced Clinical Massage for Neck and Shoulder pain (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training)

Advanced Clinical Massage Forearm, Wrist & Carpal Tunnel (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training)

Advanced Clinical Massage for Hip and Pelvis pain (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training) Advanced Clinical Massage for Leg, Knee and Foot pain (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training) Myofascial Release Intensive (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training)

Orthopaedic assesment (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training)

Special orthopaedic tests (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training)

Deep Tissue Massage Bodywork Beginnings (JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training)

Pregnancy and Post-Natal Massage (Jing Institute of Advance Massage Training)


Complementary Health Professionals - CHP

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council - CNHC


45 mins £55
60 mins £65
90 mins £95
120 mins £120


Cash or Direct Debit Payment to be made on the day - Receipt can be provided.





To arrange an appointment please contact Natalie or the Waterloo Body Station directly - a booking form and confirmation will be sent to you via email.


Friday 15:00 - 20:30

   All practitioners are independent practitioners who are fully qualified and insured.

48 hours notice is required to cancel a booking, or the full treatment price will still apply




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