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Mitchell Verrier
Kusum Modak Method of Massage Specialist

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Monday: 9:00 - 14:30

Kusum Modak Method
Deep Tissue

Holistic Massage

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well. 

I’m very excited to be working at Waterloo Body Station and bringing the Kusum Modak Method to this beautiful clinic. 


I am currently training in this method and finding that the results are of benefit to my clients.
This treatment asks the client and therapist to collaborate, working with the breath and stretches to open the body. Also to activate awareness of the body and what is happening throughout the session.
My fee will be discounted whilst I am training in the Modak Method. 


I’m also training at the Jing Institute of Massage and Complementary Medicine, gaining a qualification in Deep Tissue Massage, and continuing my training in Advanced Clinical Massage. 

Please be welcome and come and experience this wonderful method. 


All the best,




Kusum Modak Method

Kusum Modak Method - Modak Institute
Diploma Holistic and Deep Tissue Massage - Jing Institute of Advanced Massage​




Individual sessions:

Holistic or Deep tissue- 90 minutes- £40

Kusum Modak Method - 90 minutes - £40


Direct payment to the practitioner. (Payment Link, PayPal)

or Cash Gift Vouchers Available



Own booking page coming soon

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