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Matt Fennemore
Sports Massage and Deep Tissue BodyWork Practitioner


Alt THURSDAY 8:00 to 14:00

SATURDAY 10:00 to 17:00

Matt is an experienced, professional and passionate Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage practitioner who cares for his patients every step of the way to get them out of pain and feeling fantastic again. 

Using informed, intuitive 'listening' touch, he specialises in helping patients manage both short and long-term chronic issues, including pain in (among others) lower back, neck and shoulders, including ‘frozen shoulder’, Sciatica, tennis elbow, and auto-immune related conditions.

Matt is an experienced sports massage therapist and uses effective and specific techniques and pressure that does not increase pain or prolong recovery time and will restore function, and reduce pain to maximise performance.

Matt is a trained actor and yoga practitioner, and has experience and understanding of healthy movement in people’s bodies and can treat the whole person, taking into account other factors such as mental well-being or social factors that can help people in their everyday lives.

In each outcome-based session he connects with the patient to reduce pain, increase the range of movement as well and manage stress levels by integrating an impressive range of massage techniques from a fusion of East and West styles (Thai, Swedish, Japanese, as well as western sports and sophisticated form of deep tissue).

Matt's cutting-edge and innovative techniques range from Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial release (MFR), Soft Tissue Release( STR), Advanced Stretching and Acupressure to help restore body and mind and leave the patient with an amazing experience.





Diploma BTEC level 6 in Advanced Clinical and Sports massage

TMJ Pain (temporomandibular joint syndrome) - Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Advanced Clinical Massage Therapy - Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Advanced Myofascial Release - Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Sports & Events Massage Specialism - Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Clinical Mastery – Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Soft Tissue Release - Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training

Advanced Exercise Rehabilitation for Neck, Shoulders, Lower Back & Hips - Jing Institute of Advanced Massage Training


Sports Massage Association - SMA

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC)


45 mins £69
60 mins £79
90 mins £104


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