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Complementary Therapy


May help with

blocked ears

hay fever




This is an ancient and natural therapy handed down by many civilisations. It is believed that the Ancient Greeks used ear candles, initially  for cleansing, purifying and healing on a spiritual basis, but much later on a purely physical basis.


Hopi Ear Candling (also known Thermal Auricular Therapy) is a pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, it is used to offer real and calming benefits for many problems and conditions associated with the ear, nose and throat areas. A Hopi ear candle treatment is a deeply relaxing, calming and soothing experience.


Biosun ear candles are made from premium quality ingredients, including pesticide-free & untreated cotton, pure beeswax, honey extract, St Johns Wort, Sage and helps to restrict blood flow and mucous secretion and helps relive mental stress,

anxiety, nervousness and excitability.Camomile a herb which has anti-inflammatory and astringents properties which


What to expect:

A typical treatment is 30 or 45 minutes long.  

During Thermal Auricular Therapy the client is fully clothed and lies comfortably on a massage table.

The process of Hopi candling involves a specially designed hollow candle being inserted just inside the ear canal. The hopi candle is then lit and creates  a ‘chimney’ effect. The warm smoke gives the ear drum a gentle massage and the rising air

helps to regulate ear pressure. This is soothing, calming and protects the irritated areas.

The warm smoke gently softens and loosens wax in the ear, and the chimney effect encourages it to move closer to the ear opening.  This treatment is not designed to completely remove wax, but in many cases, it can gently encourage the natural processes of the ear for up to 48 hours after. 

A 30 minute treatment allows for Candling each ear, a 45 minute treatment includes massage, lymphatic drainage or facial reflexology to aid in clearing the sinuses and relieving tension in the jaw and neck

This treatment is not currently offered at Waterloo Body Station.

Leave us a message and we will let you know as soon as we have a practitioner who carries out this treatment 

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