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Complementary Therapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Advanced Bodywork

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May help with

low energy

chronic pain

poor circulation

This is an ancient, multi-purpose form of alternative medicine that can relieve pain, inflammation, improve blood flow, induce relaxation and well-being and acts as a deep-tissue massage. The cups can be placed on the body by using alcohol and fire to heat the inside surface of the cup and blown out by the practitioner before applying the cup on the body. The other ways of application are with suction or if using silicone cups the pressure is created when they are squeezed by the practitioner. Cupping can follow the lines of the acupuncture meridians or targets specific areas to free the areas of concern. Cupping may be used with oil and used to glide along the body's biodynamic lines of tension.

It is thought to affect tissues on a much deeper level. Toxins (stagnant bio-residues) can be released, blockages can be relieved and blood circulation can be refreshed within deeper body tissues. The tissues of the body may start to "stick" to other layers of connective tissue that should otherwise glide smoothly. The cups can aid more glide when used with movement of the cups or movement of the body whilst the cups are in place.

The process is carried out to force inflammatory stagnant bi-products to be eliminated through circulation and the lymphatic system. It also benefits the elasticity of the connective tissue surrounding muscles and tissues that which have become tight, injured or rigid. By stretching them, we facilitate detoxification of the area and improve the elasticity of the surrounding tissues. It may be used in combination with massage therapy, however, where massage attempts to displace the body's tissue with positive pressure, cupping evokes the sensation of negative pressure. The 


What to expect:

A typical treatment is 30 minutes long.


It involves placing small plastic or glass cups on the skin as suction devices to alleviate muscular stiffness and promote topical blood circulation.


It is an absolutely safe, painless procedure with only a circular bruise as a side effect, which may take a few days to subside. The treatment should therefore not be performed on sensitive areas where broken capillaries are present or superficial veins.


In some cases, acupuncture is applied to maximise the therapeutic outcome of cupping.

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