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Kusum Modak Method

Complimentary Health


May help with

Relieving Tension

Promoting Relaxation

Alignment of the energetic & emotional centers

Aleviating Stress

Why The Kusum Modak  Method?

Kusum Modak Method – Ayurvedic Yoga Massage Therapy is a unique bodywork technique that combines ancient Indian massage with stretches inspired by Iyengar Yoga. It is a deep and vigorous treatment which uses the rhythms of one’s breath as a compass.


This vast technique combines hundreds of movements that unlock sensations and energies, releasing tensions and eliminating toxins, acting as a powerful healer for posture alignment, fatigue, panic attack, distress or any physical or emotional pain.


Furthermore, it may help return the body and mind to their natural equilibrium and well-being.

Each session will be 90min: 

Why Choose Us:
Mitchell's approach to the Kusum Modak Method is rooted in a deep appreciation for individuality. He customises the sessions to meet the specific needs of each patient.
Holistic Care: The nurturing and patient touch and intention foster a sense of trust and collaboration, allowing those experiencing to explore and develop their sense of self to improve their quality of life.

Proven Results: Many people have experienced improvements in their physical, emotional and mental states following a treatment.

Safe and Comfortable: We ensure a safe and comfortable environment for every session.

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