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Traditional Balinese Massage

Advanced Bodywork, Complementary Therapy

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May help with





Stiff joints

Aches & pains

Low mood

Low energy


Skin problem

Poor circulation

Massage is an integral element of family life in Indonesia and forms part of a natural health system similar to Ayurveda. 

This is a full body massage treatment using techniques handed down by healers to restore health and re-balance the body. 

The coconut tree is considered to be the tree of life and coconut oil is commonly used for Balinese massage. The therapist uses the best quality virgin coconut oil blended with ginger to give warmth to its cooling properties and aid relaxation and deep tissue work.  

You will usually feel relaxed and energised after one treatment.  For optimal results regular treatments are recommended.

This is a great treatment for those who prefer a stronger, firmer massage as well as sports people and those who suffer from chronic muscle tension, poor circulation, low energy, depression or IBS. 


What to expect

A typical treatment is either 60 or 90 minutes.

It will begin with a brief consultation and review of symptoms, medical history, and lifestyle.

You will be asked to undress (most people keep their underwear on) while the massage therapist is out of the

room, and lie down under a sheet on a padded massage table.

The massage begins dry with compression and myofascial stretches to warm up the tissues and ease tension in

the body followed by skin rolling to release fascial restrictions and acupressure to unblock stagnant energy.  

Deep tissue work then follows to release strain patterns within the muscles, ease joint pain and strip out blocked energy. Traditionally coins were used to run along the energy lines, a method believed to be highly effective in releasing toxins. Eastern cultures believe feeling pain during a treatment is a positive sign of the effectiveness of the massage and that the body will heal itself much faster.  

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