Adrian Damian

Massage Therapist

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10:00 to 21:00



10:00 to 21:00

Adrian is a qualified massage practitioner with a keen interest in health and alternative healing. His treatments involve working both deep and superficially to access and release tension across the body's system. He uses holistic and deep tissue techniques that help with releasing tension. Enthusiastic with an innate sense for helping others. He has a gentle and curious personality that allows you to feel relaxed around him quickly.

Adrian is keen to learn and absorb more knowledge of the body and its' interrelated systems. This has been of great benefit when treating as a massage therapist and will continue to support his professional growth.

He is vegan and loves eating healthy discovering new ways of using fresh food to eat well. A keen meditator and will happily talk about his experiences with mindfulness. He keeps super fit and loves cycling and sports including futnet which is a hybrid of tennis and football which he plays whenever he can. 

Originally from Romania where he learned his massage therapy and deep tissue craft and has been in the UK since 2015.  He trained as an electrician and joined the army there for a few years. This taught him discipline and organisational skills that have helped to start a his new career in massage therapy since 2018. He joined The Disability Foundation in Stanmore Hospital as a volunteer therapist to expand his experience.

He would describe himself as spiritual and knows lots about astrology both western and eastern. Ask him about the Vedic astrology and he will regale you with what is know about a slightly different version of astrology as we know in the west.

Qualifications and further training

ITEC Level 3 - Anatomy & Physiology equivalent

ITEC Level 3 - Swedish Massage equivalent

ITEC Level 3 - Reflexology equivalent

ITEC Level 3 - Deep Tissue equivalent

ITEC Level 3 - Advanced Deep Tissue Massage


MCTHA - Complementary therapy association


60 Minutes : £50 (limited time)

90 Minutes : £75 (limited time)


Cash, Card or Direct Debit Payment to be made on the day




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